Rental Equipment (H – Z) We have rental equipment including Lighting, Pumps, Saws, Trenchers, Washing Equipment, Welders & More! 

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Miscellaneous Equipment

Heater & Thawing Equipment Rental

Heating & Thawing Equipment Rentals

Heating & Thawing

Renting Heater & Thawing Equipment

Heating & Thawing Units
50 – 70K BTU, Kerosene$20$70$160
100 – 200K BTU, Kerosene$37$111$222
300 – 400K BTU, Kerosene$99$220$499
620K BTU, Kerosene$120$295$629
150K BTU, Propane$34.50$120.75$276
300K BTU, Propane$47$141$329
300K BTU Indirect Kerosene / Diesel$95$279.00$829.00
400K BTU Indirect Kerosene/ Diesel$160$640$1280
240 Volt, 10K BTU$20$60$120
240 Volt, 31K BTU$35$105$315
Sahara 1M  Air Heater2,5009,000
HK 150 Ground Heater$600$1,800$5,400
HK 500 Ground Heater1,1003,300$9,900
400K BTU Direct NAT-PRO$190$190$475
800K BTU Indirect Trailer Mounted$1800$1800$5500
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Flood Light, Light Tower & Lighting Equipment Rentals
Rental Equipment Pumps

1000 Watt Flood Light$25$75$150
1500 Watt Flood Light$35$105$297.50
4000 Watt Light Tower, Diesel$150$350$550
Solar Arrow Board$55$165$579
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Rental Trash Pumps

Rent Equipment PumpsPump Rentals

2″ Diaphragm, Air$69$172.50$488.50
3″ Diaphragm, Gas$62$217$465
2″ Trash, Gas$59$170$397
3″ Trash, Gas$90$275$ 697
4″ Trash, Gas$149$397$897
6″ Trash, Diesel$250$750$1,875
6″ Trash, Priming Asst.$250$750$2,250
2″ Sub, .5HP, 110 Volt$39$117$234
2″ Sub, 1HP, 110 Volt$49$147$392
3″ Sub, 2.5 H.P. 230 Volt$90$270$675
Rice Hydrostatic Test Pump DPH-3B 11 GPM UP TO 550 PSI $75$300$712.50
2″ Pressure Pump Gas  Powered 100 P.S.I.$51$178.50$382.50
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Rent Sand Blasting Equipment

Sand Blasting Equipment
35 lb Pot$45$135$270
200lb Capacity Pot Clemco$165 $  485$  1210
Clean Air Helmet$45$90
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 Ringsaw w/power-pak 10″ cut depth$170$595$1,530
13HP Concrete Push18″$99.00$346.50$643.50
20HP Concrete Self Propelled 20″$169$507$1352
35HP Concrete Self Propelled 36″$185$560$1,490
65HP Concrete Self Propelled 36″$195$682.50$1,755
 Concrete, Air Powered 5 HP Push14″$89$267$578.50
 Concrete Electric 5HP 230 Volt Push 18″$99.00$346.50$643.50
Brick/Block Saw, Electric14″$75$225$493
Brick/Block Saw, Gas 14″$75$300$675
Concrete Chain Saw  12″ Cut Depth $100$400$1200
Cutoff Saw, Electric 14″ EL2500$53$159$318
Cutoff Saw, Gas 14″K760$69$189$483
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Walk-Behind Trenchers

Trenchers (Walk-Behind)
5HP, 12″ Digging Depth Ground Hog T-4$90$360$720
36″ Dig Depth Barreto 13 HP Self Propelled$220$760$1,805
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Vacuums & Sweepers
Walk-Behind Sweeper  Laymor 3-C$95$375$775
Tennant Sweeper Ride On Model 6500$275$962.50$2200
Tennant Floor Scrubber Model 5700$295$885$2,212.50
13Gal Vacuum, Wet/Dry$33$99$297
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Rent Pressure Washers

Rental Washing Equipment


Washing Equipment
1,000PSI, 110 Volt,
2,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$45$157.50$337.50
2,500PSI, Gas, Coldwater$72$252$540
4,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$90$360$810
5,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$150$525$1,275
3,500PSI, Hotwater MITM Portable 13H Self Contained$169$676$1,790
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Rental Welders

300 AMP Multiquip 300 10KW Gen set   $139.00$327.00$979.00
400 AMP Multiquip 400 Dual weld 14 KW Gen Set  $169.00$449.00$1132.00
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Brush Chipper

Miscellaneous Equipment
Stump Grinder Rayco 25 H.P. Self Propelled Handlebar Type$220$880$1,760
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700
25HP, 3″ Diameter capacity
 Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000
102HP, 12″ Diameter
Carlton 35 H.P.Stump Grinder Track  Drive Model SP5014TRX$370$1100$2475
LASER Spectra LL50050175400
Parking Lot Blower 13 HP$55$247.50$467.50
24′ Conveyor Dirt, Electric$165$595$1290
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