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Scissor Lift Rentals

Boom Lift Rental

Aerial Lifts
19′ Slab Scissor Lift$199$329$495
26′ Slab Scissor Lift$209$378$595
40′ Articulating Electric Boom$285$855$1,852.50
26′ Rough Terrain 4 W.D. Scissor Lift$270$605$1,155
32′ Slab Scissor Lift$250$500$1,250
40′ Rough Terrain 4 W.D. Scissor Lift$350$795$2100

34′ Rough Terrain Boom Lift

40′ Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Boom Lift$275$675$1,850
50′ Trailer Mounted Tow Behind Boom Lift$375$1,050$2,500
40′ 4WD Boom$395$900$2,250
60′ 4WD Boom$515$1,175$2,900
67′ 4WD Boom$575$1,325
80′ 4WD Boom$725$1,900$4,590
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Rent Air Compressors

Air Compressors
4 CFM Electric$29$87$174
6 CFM Gas$39$136.50$292.50
185 CFM Diesel$155$365$775
375 CFM Diesel$230$640$1590
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Rent Air Tools

Air Tools
Chipping Hammer$40.50$101.25$202.50
Paving Breaker 60LB$59$150$320
Paving Breaker 90LB$62$180$350
Rivet Buster 35lb.$75$200$405
Rock Drill 50-60lb Hammer$59$165$399
Rock Splitter Darda #12 Air And Electric Power Paks$250$750$2,000
Scabbler 5 Head$219$876$2190
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Weber Tamper Rentals

Rental Compaction Equipment

Rent Dynapac Roller

Rent Rollers & Compactors

Rent Concrete Equipment

Compaction Equipment
Vibratory Rammer $89$230$665
Plate Compactor$89$279$670

Reversible Plate CR3 Centrifugal Force 7,875 LBS


Reversible Plate CR5 Centrifugal Force 10,350 LBS


Reversible Plate CR7 Centrifugal Force 13,500 LBS


Walk Behind Double Drum Roller Vibratory


Vibratory Roller Asphalt Ride-On 36″ Drum


Vibratory Roller Asphalt Ride-On 48″ Drum


Vibratory Dirt Roller Ride-On 54″ Drum.

$300$ 990$2700

Vibratory Dirt Roller 66″ Drum

$425$1500 $3,490

Vibratory Dirt Roller Ride on 84″ Drum


Articulated Remote Control Trench Roller

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MBW Mixer Rental

Edco Trowel Rentals

Concrete Equipment Rentals

Concrete Equipment
Concrete, Buggie 16 cu ft$165$495$1,072.50
Mason Tender$98$294$784
Edco Floor Grinder$90$270$585
Concrete Mixer 3 C.F. Electric$45$171.50$360
Concrete Mixer 6 C.F.$69$276$621
Concrete Mixer 9C.F$79$316$671.50
Concrete Planer 8″ Electric 230Volt 1 Phase Carbide Cutters$175$525$1,225
Mortar Mixer 7-9 cu ft$89$356$756.50
Screed Vib 12′ Gas$65$195$650
Trowel, Mach 36″ Gas$79$276.50$632
Trowel, Mach 48″ Gas$89$356$712
Vibrator, Electric Shaft 5-10$59$236$472
Vibrator, Elt Shaft 16-20$59$236$472
Bull Float 3 Handle$18$36$63
Concrete, Chute 12′ $28$46$138
Concrete, Chute 16′$28$84$168
Rebar Cutter$40$100$320
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Rent Debris ChutesDrill Rentals

Debris Chutes
36″ Top$35$35$70
36″ Door$35$35$70
36″ Tube$22.50$22.50$45
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Core Rig Concrete Drill Rental

Rental Drills

Core Drill Concrete w/vac$117$319$734
Core Drill Hand Held$ 78.$234$460
Hammer/Rotary 1.5″$59$177$354
Hammer/Rotary 2″$69$207$414
Hand 1/2″ Electric$15.35$38.38$84.43
Hand 3/4″ Electric$22.50$67.50$135
Annular Bits Available Call
Magnetic Drill Unitec ELO32 Annular Cutter$45$135$405
Milwaukee Magnetic Drill 3/4″ Chuck$61$183$457.50
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Caterpillar Loader Rental

Rental Loaders

Rent Loaders

Mustang Track Loader Rentals

Harley Power Rake Rental

Rental Power Rake Preparator

Rent Atlas Copco Hammers

Earthmoving Equipment Rentals

Earth Moving Equipment
Mini Excavators
Mini Loader Backhoe$250$900$1,800
3,800 LB Mini Excavator $275 $875 $2,100
7,700 LB Mini Excavator$350$950$2,475
10,000 LB Mini Excavator$395$950$2,995
17,000 LB Mini Excavator$475$1,500$3,500
Skid Steers & Track Loaders
Skid Steer Loader 1,650 LB Capacity$240$876$1,971
Skid Steer Loader 1,900 LB Capacity$290$950$2,100
Skid Steer Loader 2,900 LB Capacity High Flow$310$1,295$2,590
Track Loader 1,600 LB Capacity$496$1,425$2,890
Track Loader 3,500 LB Capacity $590

Compact Utility Loader Toro Dingo

Skid Steer & Mini Excavator Attachments
Power Rake Harley 72″Skid Steer Mount$190$665$1,520
Power Rake Preparator 66″Skid Steer Mount$175$612.50$1,400
Auger Attachment$125$375$750
Backhoe Attachment$145$435$1,232
60″ Broom Attachment$145$652.50$1740
Forklift Forks Attachment$50$150$450
Beak / Grapple$135$405$742.50
66′ Mower Deck$200$700$1,800
Asphalt Planer 24′ H.F.$325$975$2,275
Solid Tires$75$262.50$525
Grader Blade Clamp On$50$150$450
Concrete Hopper, Attachment$75$300$525

RX 2 Hammer 3,800 LB Mini Excavator & Toro Dingo


RX 4 Hammer 7,700 LB Mini Excavator & 1,500 LB Capacity Skid Steer


RX 6 Hammer 2,000 LB Capacity Skid Steer

RX 8 Hammer 17,000 LB Mini Excavator$300$1,500$4,200
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Forklift Rentals in Massachusetts

Forklift Rentals in Massachusetts

Komatsu FG25 Industrial 5,000 LB$235$495$1135
5000 Lb. 19′ R.T. Forklift$375$950$2,590
6000 Lb. 42′ R.T. Forklift$400$975$2,700
8000-9000 Lb. 44′ R.T. Forklift$450$1,250$2,900
11,000 Lb. 55′ R.T. Forklift$500$1,500$3,600
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Generator Rentals

Rental Generators

Gasoline 2500 Watt$45$157.50$360
Gasoline 3600 Watt$49$196$466
Gasoline 5500 Watt$69$276$621
Gasoline 8500 Watt$89$311.50$712
Diesel 10 KW$91.50$366$823.50
Diesel 20 KW Quiet$190$475$1,450
Diesel 50 KW Quiet$295$825$2300
Diesel 80 KW Quiet$320$870$2,500
Diesel 120 KW Quiet$435$1,050$3,200
Call For Multiple Shift Rates
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Heating & Thawing UnitsLightingPumpssand Blasting Equipmentsaws
TrenchersVacuums & SweepersWashing EquipmentWelders
Miscellaneous Equipment

Heater & Thawing Equipment Rental

Heating & Thawing Equipment Rentals

Heating & Thawing

Renting Heater & Thawing Equipment

Heating & Thawing Units
50 – 70K BTU, Kerosene$20$70$160
100 – 200K BTU, Kerosene$37$111$222
300 – 400K BTU, Kerosene$99$220$499
620K BTU, Kerosene$120$295$629
150K BTU, Propane$34.50$120.75$276
300K BTU, Propane$47$141$329
300K BTU Indirect Kerosene / Diesel$95$279.00$829.00
400K BTU Indirect Kerosene/ Diesel$160$640$1280
240 Volt, 10K BTU$20$60$120
240 Volt, 31K BTU$35$105$315
sahara 1M Air Heater2,5009,000
HK 150 Ground Heater$600$1,800$5,400
HK 500 Ground Heater1,1003,300$9,900
400K BTU Direct NAT-PRO$190$190$475
800K BTU Indirect Trailer Mounted$1800$1800$5500
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Flood Light, Light Tower & Lighting Equipment Rentals
Rental Equipment Pumps

1000 Watt Flood Light$25$75$150
1500 Watt Flood Light$35$105$297.50
4000 Watt Light Tower, Diesel$150$350$550
Solar Arrow Board$55$165$579
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Rental Trash Pumps

Rent Equipment PumpsPump Rentals

2″ Diaphragm, Air$69$172.50$488.50
3″ Diaphragm, Gas$62$217$465
2″ Trash, Gas$59$170$397
3″ Trash, Gas$90$275$ 697
4″ Trash, Gas$149$397$897
6″ Trash, Diesel$250$750$1,875
6″ Trash, Priming Asst.$250$750$2,250
2″ Sub, .5HP, 110 Volt$39$117$234
2″ Sub, 1HP, 110 Volt$49$147$392
3″ Sub, 2.5 H.P. 230 Volt$90$270$675
Rice Hydrostatic Test Pump DPH-3B 11 GPM UP TO 550 PSI $75$300$712.50
2″ Pressure Pump Gas Powered 100 P.S.I.$51$178.50$382.50
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Rent sand Blasting Equipment

sand Blasting Equipment
35 lb Pot$45$135$270
200lb Capacity Pot Clemco$165 $ 485$ 1210
Clean Air Helmet$45$90
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Ringsaw w/power-pak 10″ cut depth$170$595$1,530
13HP Concrete Push18″$99.00$346.50$643.50
20HP Concrete Self Propelled 20″$169$507$1352
35HP Concrete Self Propelled 36″$185$560$1,490
65HP Concrete Self Propelled 36″$195$682.50$1,755
Concrete, Air Powered 5 HP Push14″$89$267$578.50
Concrete Electric 5HP 230 Volt Push 18″$99.00$346.50$643.50
Brick/Block saw, Electric14″$75$225$493
Brick/Block saw, Gas 14″$75$300$675
Concrete Chain saw 12″ Cut Depth $100$400$1200
Cutoff saw, Electric 14″ EL2500$53$159$318
Cutoff saw, Gas 14″K760$69$189$483
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Walk-Behind Trenchers

Trenchers (Walk-Behind)
5HP, 12″ Digging Depth Ground Hog T-4$90$360$720
36″ Dig Depth Barreto 13 HP Self Propelled$220$760$1,805
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Vacuums & Sweepers
Walk-Behind Sweeper Laymor 3-C$95$375$775
Tennant Sweeper Ride On Model 6500$275$962.50$2200
Tennant Floor Scrubber Model 5700$295$885$2,212.50
13Gal Vacuum, Wet/Dry$33$99$297
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Rent Pressure Washers

Rental Washing Equipment

Washing Equipment
1,000PSI, 110 Volt,
2,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$45$157.50$337.50
2,500PSI, Gas, Coldwater$72$252$540
4,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$90$360$810
5,000PSI, Gas, Coldwater$150$525$1,275
3,500PSI, Hotwater MITM Portable 13H Self Contained$169$676$1,790
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Rental Welders

300 AMP Multiquip 300 10KW Gen set $139.00$327.00$979.00
400 AMP Multiquip 400 Dual weld 14 KW Gen Set $169.00$449.00$1132.00
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Brush Chipper

Miscellaneous Equipment
Stump Grinder Rayco 25 H.P. Self Propelled Handlebar Type$220$880$1,760
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC700
25HP, 3″ Diameter capacity
Vermeer Brush Chipper BC1000
102HP, 12″ Diameter
Carlton 35 H.P.Stump Grinder Track Drive Model SP5014TRX$370$1100$2475
LASER Spectra LL50050175400
Parking Lot Blower 13 HP$55$247.50$467.50
24′ Conveyor Dirt, Electric$165$595$1290
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